Camp season is coming! Check it out!
February 27, 2024, 8:51 PM

Camp Bentley is a wonderful, peaceful place to be for Men's or Women's camp. And let me tell you, Family camp is just the greatest! For your kiddos, there are week-long camps to make friends and grow in their discovery of the path to Jesus. Check it out!

2024 Camp Bentley Schedule             website

Work Camp: May 28-31, 

Counselor Training: May 29-30,

Counselor Training: May 29-30, 

Men’s Roundup: May 31-June 2,

Women’s Retreat: June 7-9, 

Junior High Camp: June 16-22

Junior Camp: June 23-28, 

Family Camp: July 12-14,

Senior High Camp: July 14-20