Running on empty...
March 6, 2024, 8:02 PM

I'm going through a tough week at work. You know what I mean, the kind where you come home and just getting to your favorite spot to sit down, takes all your energy. You are spent! No energy left, BUT, you cannot stay seated...Supper, cleaning, washing clothes... maybe you have kids? That adds a whole other dimension! Oh Boy! 

Feeling like you have no energy is your body's way of saying you gotta take care of yourself. Feeling that way spiritually means you need to go to the Father. The Father will take care of you and fill your soul. You just need to ask God and fellowship with your church family. God works through your church family to support each other and helps fill your soul. Going to church and being a part of a church family helps support you in your walk with the Father. Try it; find the right church for you. Of course, we hope it is here but find the right fit. God loves you!